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Wellness Wednesday: Possible Laminitis Breakthrough

UC Davis

Alonso Guedes, an assistant professor of veterinary medicine at UC Davis, and Hulahalla, the mare who made a miraculous recovery with the aid of t-TUCB after being on the brink of death from a severe case of laminitis.
Photo Credit: Don Preisler/UC Davis photo

Back in November, we linked to an article highlighting a drug trial that was on its way to yielding promising results in the fight against laminitis. The results have since been officially published in The Journal of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, and they were promising indeed.

From Kentucky Equine Research:

An anti-inflammatory drug discovered 40 years ago, but never used on large animals, may be the breakthrough that veterinarians and horse owners have been looking for.

The first horse to benefit was a laminitic mare being treated at the University of California Davis  School of Veterinary Medicine. Although she had been intensively treated with conventional methods, the mare was not responding well. As her condition worsened to the point that euthanasia seemed to be the only recourse, veterinarians decided to try an experimental anti-inflammatory drug called t-TUCB on the mare. The drug had been discovered by scientists doing research on biological insect control and had not been used in horses, though it had been effective in relieving pain and inflammation in mice and rats.

After the first day of treatment, the mare’s condition improved dramatically. Continued use of t-TUCB allowed the mare to return to a pain-free state with normal blood pressure and acceptable posture and mobility.


Learn more about the mare, Hulaholla, and her unique recovery in this video from UC Davis:

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